Building your social websites the right way

Kanobo Web Consult is a fast-growing Web and Mobile App development shop serving US and European companies with flexibility and precision.

We are experts in building the social internet, and understand it from a global perspective. We build or enhance web sites correctly, efficiently and therefore also cheaply, implementing the latest and most powerful social technologies.


Expert web developers


There are huge amounts of web developers available for contract work, but if you have tried finding the experts you know how hard it can be. For us, an expert means not only a top of the line engineer, but also someone who understands that web development means creating sites which invite, entertain and can be understood by non-technical people.


While making sure that your site become FUN and elegant for your clients, we always respect the coding style and architecture of the site, while keeping focus on our explicit goal of making your code base more solid, stable, clean and secure. We have accumulated a huge experience programming experience with Ruby on Rails, the LAMP stack, PHP, C++, Java and many other languages and platforms.


Socially enhancing web sites


We understand the psychology and design of viral marketing. We have implemented Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed and other social integration before, and know how to do it right, optimizing your viral marketing efforts.


Encapsulated offshoring


Having lived and worked for several years in South America, we know how to avoid the cultural difficulties which so often besets outsourcing of web development to cheaper countries. You will always be dealing directly with Scandinavian managers with their characteristic honest, rational and solution oriented approach.


Global triangulation of social apps


We know from experience how people from different cultures and sub cultures appropriate the social internet in their own distinct way. Whether you are targetting the global on a local scale or the local on a global scale, be sure that you are not led by the blind.

We're in your timezone


Having developers in both Scandinavia and Venezuela we cover both the US and European timezones in a flexible and client-centered manner.


Assorted technical competencies

  • Advanced Components: Multi-Language support & Translation; Crowd-Sourced Translation and Internationalization; Social Networking integration; E-Commerce & Shopping Cart; Media Rich Social Websites, Viral Marketing Design.
  • Programming expertise: Programming, Scripting, Coding in HTML, xHTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, PHP, C, C++, Java, Javascript, JQuery, Ruby, Python, Perl, Lisp, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Shell Scripting – UNIX, Linux; Apache; substantial experience with Embedded Linux including Android.
  • Cloud computing: Amazon S3 and cloud services, RightScale.
  • Testing and QA: JUnit, PHPUnit, Selenium, Cross Browser Validation.
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